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Sportcentrum Imperial Functional Zone

The functional zone is the most up-to-date facility within the Sportcentrum Imperial Karlovy Vary. It is designed for the strengthening of all muscle groups. Moreover, working out in the functional zone substantially enhances the body stabilization system that plays an important role in everyday life activities (stronger pelvic floor, better body posture, etc.).

Sportcentrum Imperial Functional Zone
Sportcentrum Imperial Functional Zone
Sportcentrum Imperial Functional Zone

What is functional exercise?

The aim of this workout is to make the body purposively use its strength, speed and coordination potential so that its muscles could functions properly and respond to common situations that life brings. Functional exercise helps you to control your body better.

Workout in the functional zone is highly efficient and effective and thus it has quickly found its position in the modern fitness world. This workout combines a fun, strength training and endurance routine that can fully replace group physical exercise or regular gym workout.

Sports equipment and aids

Functional exercise takes place on a special mat on which a variety of sports aids and equipment are placed. Among others, functional exercise makes use of special-design Multitrainer suspension system. The use of equipment and aids varies and can be adjusted to the client's needs.

For whom is functional exercise designed?

Everybody is welcome to come and work out in our functional zone. The first training session comprises a consultation with an instructor, who instructs clients about correct and efficient workout procedures. During subsequent training classes a trainer's presence is not required; however, any of our trainers can be consulted whenever necessary. Out trainers are always here to assist you.

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