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Club Rules – Rules of Operation

Admittance into the Sportcentrum Imperial

The Sportcentrum Imperial can be used by Hotel Imperial and Spa Resort Sanssouci guests as well as other visitors who pay an appropriate single-time entrance fee at the Sportcentrum Imperial reception. Upon this payment the visitor is entitled to use the following sports premises and facilities:

  • Tennis courts, ricochet court, fitness center, bouldering wall, and a group exercise following a current schedule.

The single-time fee covers only the time from arrival at until leaving the Sportcentrum Imperial. A new single-time fee will be charged for every subsequent entry.

The Sportcentrum Imperial can also be used club members who hold their own chip card that will be issued to them upon signing a membership agreement and upon presenting proof of creating a standing order at the member's bank. The chip card grants admittance to one person only; i.e. to the member indicated in a membership agreement. Exceptions to this rule may be connected with special events produced by the Sportcentrum Imperial that are subject to special terms and conditions; or they can be arranged, subject to special terms and conditions, during the signing of one's agreement (e.g. such an exception may concern a member's child, family member, etc.). Furthermore, the staff of the Sportcentrum Imperial checks visitors during admittance against a specific member's photograph taken during the takeover of his/her membership card or the first visit. The card has to be used during every entry and presented to the Sportcentrum Imperial staff upon request. In case of card loss or damage a member club is obliged to immediately report the same by phone or e-mail. A new card is issued for a fee. Admittance into the Sportcentrum Imperial premises that are separated from the Sportbar is not available to the members who have failed to pay their outstanding amounts to the Sportcentrum Imperial. Admittance into the Sportcentrum Imperial is possible at any time during the opening hours. The length of a member's visit to the center is unlimited, yet it may not extend the closing time on the day of entry.

Guests, visitors who club members who appear to be intoxicated, under the influence of narcotic or psychotropic substances or who present themselves in dirty clothes will not be allowed to enter the Sportcentrum Imperial. If the same inappropriate behaviors or apparel become obvious during the stay in the center, they may become a reason for order out a respective person.

Changing Rooms

Guests, visitors and club members can use the changing rooms and their equipment free of charge. Before entering the changing room a reception clerk provides each guest, visitor and club member with a clean towel that has to be returned to a designated place when leaving the Center. Each guest, visitor and club member has the right to use a locker on the day of entry. When leaving the Center every visitor has to empty his/her locker and leave it unlocked. The locker that is found to be locked at the end of the opening hours will be opened at the expense of the person who locked it despite this warning.

Fitness Center

Return all loose weights (dumbbells or weight plates) to their designated place after use. For the sake of maximum hygiene put your towel over the place/machine where you are going to sit/lay down. When done exercising take the towel with you. Be courteous to other visitors and do not block machines – agree to take turns.

Group Exercise

Do not be late for your group exercise lessons because late comers will not be let in the exercise room. Respect your instructor's instructions during a lesson.

Clean floor mats and sports equipment with disinfectant after use and return them to their designated places.

It is absolutely prohibited to use cell phones in exercise rooms.

General Rules

  • Always wear suitable sports clothes and shoes when exercising within the Sportcentrum Imperial. It is impossible to exercise in the same shoes in which a guest or member club arrived at the Center.
  • All exercises are performed by guests, visitors and club members at their own risk.
  • Men must always wear sports clothes covering their shoulders.
  • All guests, visitors and club members respect others.
  • It is prohibited to eat outside the Sportbar premise or to eat brought-in foods anywhere on the Sportcentrum Imperial premises.
  • Glass bottles or other objects are not allowed in sports rooms.
  • Respect the strong prohibition to drink alcoholic drinks before or during exercise.
  • Comments or complaints regarding the Sportcentrum Imperial or its staff can reported to the main trainer or directly with the center owner.
  • Guests, visitors and club members are obliged to use the equipment of the Sportcentrum Imperial with care. They are also held responsible for damages caused by their fault to both the Center's amenities and the property of other people.

Operating Hours

Monday - Sunday 07.30 - 21.00

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